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Whats new?
  • Cobblestone and Sand Gen Buckets have been added to Factions Ruby
  • Players are still eligible for Coupon codes! Make sure you have an existing Kastia.net account and fill out this form found here
  • Plots on Prison are currently down for maintenance and will be back up as soon as possible.
  • Players now have access to ./pay
  • Fixed issue with the Free rank replacing a players original tag, Free tag made from a Prefix to a Suffix.
  • Found bug with KOTH crates where player will not receive the Champion gear.
  • Players can now vote for play.kastia.net through any three of these links. [1] [2] [3]
    • note: Prisons crates are currently down but will return shortly

  • If any more bugs are found please report them to staff ASAP with as much detail as possible.

Welcome back to Kastia, everyone! We’d like to thank you all for your patience as we got the server together.

We are ReOpening on Saturday @ 10AM EST

SPECIAL PROMO: In honour of our Grand Re-Opening we will be offering to the first 10 customers that spend $50+ on our store, a complimentary store card worth an additional $50!
(In addition to this season's list of prizes)

We have a lot to tell you regarding our re-opening so keep reading for more information!


Season 2 of Factions Ruby has begun! We’re excited to bring you new Daily events, as well as new voting sytem implemented. If you're a Royal rank in Global you'll have 2x the chance to collect 3x vote keys everytime you vote! We have also added stacked mobs to Ruby, and suffix tags, as well as *new* purchasable permission on the store.

Reminder to report any bugs/exploits you may find.
We do not tolerate cheating whatsoever and it is possible to be disqualified if caught doing so.

For full images of our new map, click here.

To learn about what you will and will not keep from Season 1, click here.

F Top Prizes are as follows:

First Place - $175 in Prizes + Champion tag

Second Place - $125 in Prizes (Limited to Faction Owner )

Third Place - $75 in Prizes (Limited to Faction Owner)

Fourth Place - $50 in Prizes (Limited to Faction Owner)

Fifth Place - $100 Kastia Credit (Limited to Faction Owner & Top Member)

Prize List:
  • Amazon Gift card and/or retailer
  • MasterCard / Visa Giftcards
  • Any Computer peripherals (upto prize amount)

Got a request? (Send me a message!)


During our downtime, we worked extremely hard to make this launch the best we possibly could as a thank you for your patience. ​

One of the things we’re implementing is our new OP Prison server!!
(Now Open)

We added player NPC’s to the mines to get our community involved, thank you to everyone who replied in Discord!

Another thing we’ve worked really hard on improving is our parkour server. We’ve added over 100 levels and 20 insane levels following the similar tower layout as Kastia V1. Rank up, get to the end, and prove yourself!
(Parkour is still being worked on)

TL;DR - Season 2 of Ruby is now open! The first 10 people to spend $50+ on the Kastia store will receive a coupon code for an additional $50. We’ve improved parkour and implemented OP Prison. New permissions available on store.kastia.net! Remember to report any bugs/exploits you may find. We do not tolerate cheating.
Going to take a few extra days to really work on things.

Also, new staff announcement is also delayed until then.