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Going to take a few extra days to really work on things.

Also, new staff announcement is also delayed until then.
While I prepare for the next season of factions we’d like to make a few announcements. As of today, Factions Ruby Season One has come to an end and the TOP FIVE factions are as follows:

  1. Walmart
  2. Shameless
  3. OnePiece
  4. Toxic
  5. Novice

The winning factions will receive a message within the coming week for information about their prizes. The server will be having some downtime as we implement a new map and reset everything for the next season. We will be back up Monday, August 15th, at Midnight EST. We want to remind you to refer back to this post for information on what you will and will not keep when we reset. Congratulations to the winning factions and we hope you’ll join us again for season two.
Hello, Kastians! This is just a reminder about our reset + a few notes about new items we’ve added to our store. We’re getting close to our Factions Ruby reset on Monday so we’ll be doing a few things leading up to that. Ruby will reset + open on August 14th and the final ftop will be calculated Sunday at Midnight EST (When we'll find out winner). We will also be down for server maintenance on Sunday, August 13th. Please refer back to our forum post here, for a simplified list of what you will and will not keep when we reset.

New Store Items
As our community grows we want to do our best to listen to your suggestions and give everyone a little something to make factions a bit easier. We’ve added some new abilities + tags onto store.kastia.net. These abilities include: Sell Wand, Jelly Legs, Stack Potions, TnTFill, TnTCraft, and Fly. We also have 20 tags to choose from so you can show players how serious you are about your memes.

Helper/Builder Applications
will be announced Friday, August 11th, 2017. Make sure you send in your applications before then. Builder applications will not be announced on the same day and you can find the application here.

TL;DR - Factions Ruby will be down for Maintenance on Friday, August 11th.
  • Final FTop will be calculated Sunday, August 13th.
  • Ruby will be reset and open on Monday, August 14th.
  • New Store Items at store.kastia.net!
  • Our new Helpers will be announced this Friday.