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Hello everyone, I am the new owner of Kastia alongside my trusted partner, (and superior for the record), @SearchMC. As most of you know, Kevin has made this server great until now, he is forced to hand off the server to us. With his work and daily life he is unable to give the Kastia communtity what you need and deserve.

For the past year, I've been taking jobs to do Server Management/Advertisement & Marketing Management for many places, most notable being Voldex Services, which I worked on their projects FearPvP, and another HCF project which just stayed disclosed for many reasons. I've also worked with other gamemodes, like NetherMC Skyblock, ArcHCF, and I did some marketing work with FuzePvP as well. You'll see me around a lot in the Kastia community, as I handle most frontend tasks here. SearchMC on the other hand, will handle mostly backend. We also own another network, called HavicMC. This network includes Skyblock, and OP Prison.

Future Plans
I know that all of you are dying to know when the next release is, here's the simple answer: soon. We are sorting through old files and getting the best possible developers we can to bring back the old Kastia everyone knows and loves. My biggest thing to say to all of you, don't give up on us. We plan on staying here for the long term. SearchMC and I are going to put in countless hours to bring Kastia back to its former glory.

Good news, applications will be opening up soon. Our staff manager @Baeden will be working long hours to perfect the best staff team possible for the future of Kastia. I encourage everyone to apply for a chance to be apart of the future of Kastia.

I strongly encourage all of you to join our Discord server, most of our updates will be there. We also have our Twitter available for updates & giveaways.

That's all for now, feel free to comment down below or message me on Twitter @RemodelMC if you have any questions/concerns that I can address.

Kindest Regards,