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As we begin a new month the staff team has decided on a few things to make the Kastia experience better for each individual player. We want every player to enjoy their time on the server every time they log on which is why we’ve decided to have the reset we’ve been discussing for Ruby. We had a poll posted on the forums and the majority of our players decided a reset would be in their best interests. We know not everyone will be happy with this decision but after looking at the exploits and bugs we have had in the past, we believe a fresh start will benefit everyone. There will still be a prize for the beta season but it will be reduced to $250 due to the exploits interrupting this season. Thus being said, the reset date is set for August 13th. Take the time in-between to have some fun: Staff will be regularly doing drop parties, distributing free keys at random hours.

Below is a simplified list of what you will and will not keep when we reset.​

What you WILL keep after the reset
  • In-Game Ranks
  • Black Market Kits
  • Purchased Misc + Tags

What you WILL NOT keep after the reset:
  • Money
  • Homes
  • McMMO Levels
  • Inventory + Enderchests
  • Crate Keys
Bug Bounty
After the reset we encourage everyone to take advantage of our Incentive Bug Bounty Program. In this program you can be rewarded just for finding a bug and if you find a god glitch you can receive a $100 Store Credit. You can read more about what you should include in your message and what the incentives are here.

Helper / Builder Applications
To conclude this post I want to announce that Helper/Builder applications will be reopened. We are looking to grow our staff team and encourage more international players to apply. While my staff team do their best to be on whenever they can, it can be very hard to balance personal life with a minecraft server. With more staff members we believe hackers, spam, harassment, and other issues can be solved in a timely manner. We’d also like to invite more builders to our team to help create new maps as we develop new gamemodes for you to enjoy. You can find Helper Applications here and Builder Applications here.

Thank you so much for helping our community grow and considering the decisions we’ve had to make on this matter. We only want to make the server as fair and fun for everyone to enjoy as possible.

TL;DR - Factions Ruby will be reset August 13th, 2017.
  • Check out the new Incentive Bug Bounty Program here.
  • Helper Applications are here.
  • Builder Applications are here.
From the collective feedback I've received in the past week about a Factions reset, I've drilled into the root of desire for the clean slate on the server and since the server has matured abit after the rollercoaster of events since opening 9 weeks ago I can't confirm or deny that resetting would be the best option at the moment.

Player opinions sometimes get misconstrued because of common beliefs. Example of a common misconception is that a reset would fix all the small and big bugs that still occur on the server on a daily basis. & this is simply not true! I'm happy and proud of the current mechanics of our server status now but there is room for improvement.

So what are we going to do about it? Well, this month we'll be collecting new data through an incentive program. To put into simpler terms introducing a "bug bounty", if you care about Kastia and constantly find yourself coming across new game glitches while playing on the server, you can now report it to me directly here on the forums.

You can send me a direct message here if you just visit my profile and send a message with the title "Bug Bounty", expectations will be held when reporting glitches. They must be replicable and full summary of information is required! You just can't say 'hey, I get black screens sometimes when I teleport' NO! You're not providing any feedback and it's probably just a one off issue that rarely happens or your computer system couple have reproduced a glitch client side only. Star with this format:

Title: "Bug Bounty"




What happened:

How it happened:

How to fix it: