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From the collective feedback I've received in the past week about a Factions reset, I've drilled into the root of desire for the clean slate on the server and since the server has matured abit after the rollercoaster of events since opening 9 weeks ago I can't confirm or deny that resetting would be the best option at the moment.

Player opinions sometimes get misconstrued because of common beliefs. Example of a common misconception is that a reset would fix all the small and big bugs that still occur on the server on a daily basis. & this is simply not true! I'm happy and proud of the current mechanics of our server status now but there is room for improvement.

So what are we going to do about it? Well, this month we'll be collecting new data through an incentive program. To put into simpler terms introducing a "bug bounty", if you care about Kastia and constantly find yourself coming across new game glitches while playing on the server, you can now report it to me directly here on the forums.

You can send me a direct message here if you just visit my profile and send a message with the title "Bug Bounty", expectations will be held when reporting glitches. They must be replicable and full summary of information is required! You just can't say 'hey, I get black screens sometimes when I teleport' NO! You're not providing any feedback and it's probably just a one off issue that rarely happens or your computer system couple have reproduced a glitch client side only. Star with this format:

Title: "Bug Bounty"




What happened:

How it happened:

How to fix it:

This is Kastia's last update for July,

We hope you're enjoying our temporary Parkour server while we get the original Kastia parkour towers setup for release, we're super close!!

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We need a small revenue boost to get another developer to work on releasing Kastia parkour ASAP..
(any support is appreciated)

Factions Ruby has been performing a lot better from early this week's updates. This was just a test before we continue to unleash more and more power to the server to improve server performance. Entity p/ chunk has now been disabled and is no longer a thing on Factions Ruby.

There has been quite a few discussions roaming the Server about cutting Ruby Map 1 season short, what are your thoughts on this?

Would love to hear about it in the comments + poll!

** Comments are Enabled and the poll is open for 7 days **