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Thank you for playing on Kastia in the month of June, I consider this to be officially the first month we were up for although we had 8 days of downtime we really progressed and grew as a community. There are exciting new features we're hiding from you and new games to come!

  • Removed Friends
  • Added new particle replacement
Kit pvp:
  • Map now shuffles every 30 minutes
  • New Map, the "Enchanted Forest" made by Kastia build team
  • New Arena, made by Gingaa
  • Added 1.8 titles to kills, challenges, and deaths.
  • Added player Bounties
If you try to set a player bounty, the balance gets instantly removed.
Once the bounty is claimed, the bounty is delivered and so is a head with red text
  • Added playerheads drop chances 50%
  • Fixed Error in which water wasnt protecting block damage

Please continue to support the server at our webstore in exchange for donor perks!

Plugin is causing issues with messaging and replying to people who aren't your friends.

Disabling party in McMMO, and it lets people know when I come online which is annoying.

Vote on the poll, don't be afraid to say it sucks.. we'll have more embarrassing hiccups on the way..

So recently after the reopening this Friday I quickly came to realize that Iover looked a pretty big that was bothering game administration but it was a little too late when spam bots flooded the server with advertising bots and when my staff quickly ipbanned them, not knowing that everyone would also be ipbanned too if they left the server haha.

So that was awesome, but tonight was the best night of the weekend. Tonight I've took it upon myself to finally have player data relay to Mojangs authenticated servers. So what this means is that if you decide to change your name, you can finally come back and not be worried so from now on when you're on the Factions server and you're like "Oh shit, where's my shit?" just contact a staff member for help. We can recover inventory, enderchests, balances, and homesets. Or you can use this link for the form they'll just direct you to.

Oh and also, disband your faction if you're the leader of it and create a new one.. Don't forget to reclaim your land.

I appreciate everyone's patience, the server has been performing well since the change of host and I love that everyone's enjoying it too.

This isn't for much long, maybe an additional 24 hours for our 50% off everything sale going on at our webstore.